new reiki spa las vegas

Reiki Spa Las Vegas holistic sessions help awaken and heighten all your senses to promote healing and reconnect the energy life source within you.

Modalities include: Reiki energy treatments, sound therapy and aromatherapy infusion by Heartfelt Essentials spa product line.

My hope, and intention, is that your experience of Reiki Spa Las Vegas leaves you feeling relaxed, revitalized and renewed.


Reiki Master/Practitioner/Teacher

• Reiki practitioner providing energy treatments

• Reiki teacher for classes I, II to become a certified Reiki Practitioner, and Reiki

class III to become a Reiki Master

• Continued Reiki community outreach, networking and support to promote Reiki energy healing and maintain the integrity of this holistic work.


Sound Therapy

As seen on Dr. Oz, this cutting edge sound therapy machine converts the healing crystal bowl alpha and gamma waves into vibration. This treatment increases circulation, aligns the chakras faster and relaxes the body within 5 minutes. This holistic modality assists with sleep disorders, migraines, PTSD and anxiety. Currently, the only west coast holistic practitioner using this specialized sound therapy system.


Manifestation Life Coach and Workshop Facilitator

Learn how to attract the things you want in your life by removing self-limiting beliefs. Your thoughts and emotions, both good and bad, are so powerful they become your reality. My workshop provides powerful tools to break your old habits and create new ones so that you can have a joyful life and abundance.

Heartfelt Essentials Spa Aromatherapy Products

Essential oils have amazing healing properties used for: reducing stress, lower blood pressure, anti-depressant, energizing, bruising, burns, enhanced sleep, and sinusitis are just a few.

Heartfelt Essentials spa line includes:

• Sea Salt Scrubs – infused with jojoba oil, shea butter and ginseng leaving the skin silky smooth without the slippery shower.

• Scent Sprays – quick drying essential oil sprays great for linens, clothing, hair detangler. *Sea salt scrub and scent sprays available in lavender/rosemary, pomegranate/rosemary, or peppermint/rosemary.

• “Relaxation” lavender essential oil and fragrance oils.


Denise Marshall