Full Moon Ceremony – Release and Let Go!

06 Feb 2018
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During a full moon, it’s the perfect time for moon-bathing your healing crystals, stones and angel/tarot cards! Clearing off old energy and recharging your healing tools sets a high vibrational connection to source. Energy is like cat hair and tends to cling. Set out items that need a good cleaning and gently allow the moon-beams to release unwanted energy. This is a good time for you to bathe in the moon too! Take off your shoes and ground yourself by standing on a grassy area….release all the electrical energy you carry (from using your smartphone/tablet and electronic devices)…and soak in the pure Mother Earth chi energy. Studies show “grounding” actually resets.

Welcome to Reiki Spa Las Vegas!

13 Aug 2013
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Reiki Spa Las Vegas holistic sessions help awaken and heighten all your senses to promote healing and reconnect the energy life source within you. Modalities include: Reiki energy treatments, sound therapy and aromatherapy infusion by Heartfelt Essentials spa product line. My hope, and intention, is that your experience of Reiki Spa Las Vegas leaves you feeling relaxed, revitalized and renewed.   Reiki Master/Practitioner/Teacher • Reiki practitioner providing energy treatments • Reiki teacher for classes I, II to become a certified Reiki Practitioner, and Reiki class III to become a Reiki Master • Continued Reiki community outreach, networking and support to promote Reiki energy healing and maintain the integrity of this.

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