175226029_dream machineSound Therapy with Frequencies

***Exclusively offered by Reiki Spa Las Vegas, this cutting edge healing modality was on the Dr. Oz Show with Dr. Mitchell Gaynor. Reiki Spa Las Vegas is the only wellness practice on the west coast to offer and administer this amazing sound therapy treatment. ***

Designed by leading Japanese engineer, Keiichiro Kita, this revolutionary sound therapy tool offers profound peaceful relaxation in a matter of minutes. This nurturing and non-invasive modality topically administers music sound waves through the chakra and energy center. Because our body is made of 70% water, these low frequency sounds are conducted to the body as vibrations which activates the bodies natural self-healing with the body and mind. Music options include chakra balancing and clearing and Dr. Mitchell Gaynor’s Crystal Sonic Therapy tunes which uses beta and gamma waves from crystal bowls. Dr. Gaynor is an oncologist doctor who designed these healing crystal bowl tunes to help his patients improve memory, increase energy, help alleviate sleeping disorders, migraines and eating disorders. Patients suffering from PTSD have also benefited from this sound therapy for relieving stress and creating inner peace. Clients feel balanced, relaxed and rejuvenated after the session.

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