Reiki Energy Treatment

Recharge the energy life source within you with a relaxing Reiki treatment. Holistic treatments are infused with aromatherapy, candles, Tibetan chimes and calming spa music creating the ultimate Reiki Spa experience.

Sound Therapy

Reiki energy combined with the Peace Machine is the ultimate wellness spa treatment. This modality promotes healing and balances the flow of energy throughout the body.┬áThe sound therapy instantly relaxes the body, adjusts the balance of the autonomic nervous system and aligns the 7 chakras. You’re going to love it!


Heartfelt Essentials Spa Products

Awaken your senses and recharge your inner spirit with our Heartfelt Essentials product line. Our high quality products are beautifully packaged and infused with essential and fragrance oils. Try our Sea Salt Scrub, Line/Scent fast drying sprays and luxurious bubble bath. Aromatherapy scents include: lavender/rosemary, pomegranate/rosemary and peppermint/rosemary. “Lovingly created with Heartfelt Blessings!”

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