Healthy Tips!

Ten tips to live a healthy, happy life and keep you younger looking!

1. Better diet – eat more fruits, veggies, cut back on sugar, high carb foods and listen to your intuition when making food choices. Ask yourself, “Does this food/drink support being healthy?” Drink more water, avoid soft drinks and cut back on caffeine.

2. Get enough sleep – 7-8 hours is what body needs for hormones to get into alignment to keep weight down and heal the stress damage that occurred during day. Sleeping rejuvenates and heals your body’s cells.

3. SAY NO! Over committing keeps you out of integrity which can cause unnecessary worry and stress. Put events of life in perspective. Will it really matter 10 years from now?

4. Think positively! – Be grateful for all those GREAT things in your life and don’t focus on the bad ones. You will attract those things you want in life when you “feel” grateful and thankful. Try a “gratitude walk” will make you feel better and it’s good for you too!

5. Breathe – Taking deep belly breaths applies pressure on the vagus nerve which reduces stress, relieves depression and supports anti-aging. This nerve stretches from deep within the brainstem all the way into the belly. Literally, the mind-body connection, it’s the cabling behind your “gut instincts.”

6. Exercise – this prepares us for the battle of stress. Walking 1 hour, 4 times a week releases natural hormones in your body that will improve your mood, energy, increase you libido, fight Alzheimer, improves memory and mental focus and it makes you look great too.

7. Do something you LOVE – Schedule a date with yourself and have fun! This “me time” fills your soul, creates balance, recharges your inner spirit and it makes you happy!

8. Start the day with the difficult tasks first – Tackle an over whelming job one small piece at a time and then acknowledge your accomplishment! Shifting your attitude to what you succeed at, and getting off your plate, instead of what you haven’t done is less stressful, rewarding and helps you sleep better at night!

9. Get a massage – Massage relieves stress and releases the oxytocin throughout the body. This “love” hormone only occurs with human contact making you feel loved, cared for and nurtured. Contact with animals can have the same effect too!

10. Laugh! – it changes the brain chemistry and reduces the levels of 4 stress hormones. A deep belly laugh strengthens the immune system and assists with healing the body.

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