During a full moon, it’s the perfect time for moon-bathing your healing crystals, stones and angel/tarot cards! Clearing off old energy and recharging your healing tools sets a high vibrational connection to source. Energy is like cat hair and tends to cling. Set out items that need a good cleaning and gently allow the moon-beams to release unwanted energy. This is a good time for you to bathe in the moon too! Take off your shoes and ground yourself by standing on a grassy area….release all the electrical energy you carry (from using your smartphone/tablet and electronic devices)…and soak in the pure Mother Earth chi energy. Studies show “grounding” actually resets your inner spirit and helps the body feel better too!

romantic and scenic panorama with full moon on sea to night

 Don’t forget to release and let of all those things that no longer serve you too. Write down those low vibrational thoughts on paper and carefully burn it…gently sending your intentions to the universe: “I release all fear, worry, anger, dislike, and false beliefs that prevent being the best version of me” ….then add/replace your intentions with positive “I am” statements such as: “I am healthy, healed, whole and complete and I have a peaceful, calm heart…I am debt free, responsible with money and money comes quickly and easily to me! I am releasing weight and honoring my body with healthy food and lifestyle choices.”

And always remember to be open to receive all of God/Universe blessings!
“I am open to receive all abundant blessings and healing energy that honor my higher self and I am happy, healthy and content!” (Abundant Blessings include all your heart’s desire: money, healthy relationships, a new home or career).

Splash a drop (or three!) of your favorite essential oil into the palms of your hands, rub them together and deeply breathe in the healing aromatherapy…four deep belly breaths. Love yourself with a hug or hold your heart (chakra) for 20 seconds or longer. This releases the love hormone oxytocin that makes you feel loved, safe and protected. It’s the perfect way to recharge you too in this sacred ceremony!

Sending you love and light, always!